Version 1 of the toolkit printed November 2023 contain 68 cards - an initial run of 5 packs were produced to enable testing sessions to be staged at the Arc Centre and Manchester &Salford Pain Clinic across December/ January 2024. 
The aim of pack 1 was to explore the impact of text image associations and evaluate the user experience of working with and through dialogues prompted by the toolkit format. 
Workshop 1-3 participant groups were invited back to take part in the sessions and to understand how their engagement with the project had informed the toolkit design development and process. 
The cards were divided into two main areas of focus - 'Artefact' cards that documented the participatory workshop outcomes and 'Mapping' cards which collated a selective taxonomy of linguistic terms used by participants across the three public engagement sessions. The 'Artefact' cards captured first person participant testimony on the reverse of each image to contextualise the individual's experience of living with the pain or associated impacts of endometriosis.
Both sets of cards contained prompt questions and provocations to stimulate user reflection and further insight on the image or text content and their experience. The toolkit does not attempt to replicate the workshop experience but seeks to enable access to different forms of language through which the individual may visualise and more importantly communicate the experience of pain to other people. The use of materials such as cable ties and wire to construct a visual metaphor creates a bridge between the condition and the individuals capacity to communicate the particularity of their lived experience.  

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