The research team engaged two film makers Victoria Dahl and Jess Lippa to record sound, video and still photographs of the workshop delivery process. The audio transcripts have informed the toolkit development and have been transcribed for further research development. 
The brief to filmmakers was to create a sensitive and non invasive documentary record of the public engagement sessions. Great care was taken to introduce the filmmakers and for them to take time to explain how they would be both contributing to and recording the workshop process. Uniquely both filmmakers brought their own family experiences of endometriosis to the process which informed the production and final edit.
The film serves to provide a short overview of the aims of the research through a shareable resource to be used on websites, social media and in future presentations. The film focuses on the process, the object handling and making process without identifying individuals. The filmmaking process captured the shared language of lived experience often expressed for the first time in a group situation.  The workshop process brought together individuals who were able to really understand and relate to the impact of invisible pain on daily life,  and significantly, to communicate the extended impact on those within family or work based relationships.

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