The aim of the research project was to create an endometriosis toolkit that could be deployed in clinical and community health contexts to aid participant communication of endometrial pain. The toolkit is designed to initiate a guided conversation enabling the user to locate their own experience through the reflective testimony of workshop participants.  
The design system was co-created between project leads and recent graduate, Lisa Da Silva, who was invited to work on the project based on a background combining the previous study of psychology and completion of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design course at Manchester Met in July 2023.
A toolkit design brief was established making reference to existing toolkit examples like the NHS Cards for Change developed by Jo Hart, Lucie Byrne-Davis, Wendy Maltinsky, and Eleanor Bull. The approach aimed to combine the visual prompt of 3D artefacts created in the workshops with a taxonomy of language derived from participant annotations, post-it notes, and audio transcribed text compiled in November 2023. 
The A5 card format was selected to allow for table top use in group sessions with a key consideration being the reusability of the resource. Cards are coated to allow for text additions with a wipe clean surface to enable repeated  reuse.
Slides below: Version 1 initial design proposal which focused on creating a design system for use alongside a graphic interface for displaying content. The role of design is located in both capturing user engagement with the workshop process alongside the proposed user experience and user interface of the toolkit application. 

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